1. No Psy, Paula Deen will not give you a part in her next event. You’re not quite the right….. ethnicity for the part.

  2. 99% Gangnam, 1% style.

  3. Skippy86

    Damn hes got a big head

  4. ThisWillHurt

    I’m supposed to believe his 15 minutes aren’t up yet? Nice try.

  5. I like this dude. He seems laid back.

  6. EricLR

    God help anyone who wonders into that airport by accident, just wanting to be left alone.

  7. He knows he’s a joke here and we’re actually laughing at him, right?

  8. On his way to meet his boyfriend Beiber?

  9. ” OMG paparazzi! No wait don’t go ”
    “Huh? my camera accidentally took a shot of some random Korean person”

  10. ” Gandam Style! Remember? Remember that? That was me, you guys. Remember? Heeeeey Sexy Lady. Right? Remember? REMEMBER!!!

  11. Jenn

    Are we sure this is him and not the fake one?

  12. Sure does love that American money.

  13. LLBL

    Dean-nam Style

  14. tlmck

    That’s about the sorriest looking delivery boy I have ever seen.

  15. Walking through the Los Angeles International Airport…Gangnam style!

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