1. Wonderful, she found a way to physically diminutize him. Emotinally wasn’t enough.

  2. Attack of the 50ft songstress!

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “She’s how much older than me?”

  4. Jayne

    He obviously just finished working a Paula Deen event.

  5. Mariah and her ventriloquist pal Nicky!

  6. Hank E. Ring

    What did Paula Deen say? yeah, that’s how I like to dress him up too.

  7. Instagram must die.

  8. Skeeter

    Mariah isn’t what she once was and she seems pretty crazy but I would still like to POUND her in the ass (and either launch my seed up her ass or splash it on her face/tits) just for old times’ sake. She was fantastic back in the day.

  9. EricLR

    A T T A C K O F T H E 5 0 F T E G O !!!!!!!

  10. Mariah Carey is black now?

  11. If I squint, I can imagine it’s Serena Williams and Lil’ Penny.

  12. CK

    Taking notes, Kanye?

  13. “Nah, babe, I didn’t order an ice cream sundae while you were singing. I don’t know what this guy is talking about. We both know that would ruin my dinner.”

  14. “Baby, do you hear the kids crying?”

  15. Phoenix

    Willie Tyler looks different.

  16. Bob

    “Bitch’s getting bigger every day.”

  17. It was then he realized that she fed on his fear. But, sadly, it was too late.

  18. Cassi

    See how my mouth doesn’t even move!

  19. AWOL

    “Damn, That’s a big bitch!”

  20. JungleRed

    He’s the Tokyo to her Godzilla.

  21. WAIT! She said I have to hold WHAT in my asshole?

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