1. Cock Dr

    She has a very nice hind end, but it’s encased in the strangest skirt I’ve ever seen.

  2. Her ass must be very fragile to wear bubblewrap just walking around.

  3. MrsWrong


  4. Now there, friends, is one mighty fine tookus!!!!

  5. PoorMaryKelly

    She must have just had her skirt retreaded.

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Once you started popping that ass it’d be very hard to stop.

  7. adolf hitler

    mmm. that looks nice.

  8. This is the greatest picture ever taken of her. She looks great.

  9. rough

    How pronounced her name again, is it packing or paquin?

  10. Worst case of cellulite that I have ever seen.

  11. Squishy


  12. Arzach

    Sultry indeed

  13. Gerbil in my Butt

    OMFG! Amazing. Simply amazing.

  14. Sin

    Take a good look at that ass because we ain’t getting any of it.

  15. Lolli-Pop

    I’m a chick and so straight that Brokeback Mountain flipped my switch, but this chick, I would do her. Gap tooth and all.

  16. vlad

    Soundproofing material for a skirt? What are you trying to hide Anna? Noisy Farts?….Queefs perhaps?

  17. Paquin’s derriere is the stuff of legend.

  18. Spocktopus

    She should just walk around backwards all day.

  19. Pipedreamer

    Looks like I’m taking after Palin cuz I’m going ROGUE!!! Yummy

  20. vitobonespur

    That butt is way too nice to shit from.

  21. For all that shit this woman isn’t, she has an absolutely perfect butt. Hard to believe it’s the same androgenous kid from those old mci ads

    • cc

      ‘the same androgenous kid from those old mci ads’ GTFO!!!

      Anyway, I think this is the first pic of her I’ve seen that does anything for me.

  22. Ed

    Thank god she doesn’t have perfect teeth, it means she’s still human and not plastic.

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