1. Log One

    Damn it, I just ate! Can’t masturbate for 30 minutes.

  2. Contusion

    I’m being sincere here…I really wish you’d stop posting photo after photo of this bolt-on tranny.

    • Gaius Baltar

      Personally, I can’t stand Marg Helgenberger. Everything about that bitch annoys me. But I’m big enough to accept that some people like her. Just don’t look at her pictures and you’ll be fine.

      • Trek Girls

        Well, to be fair, tolerating one picture of Marg in the the-crap-we-missed gallery in months is not the same as seeing several pictures of Jennifer N. Lee in nearly every gallery for the past few months. I mean you’re right, contusion could just skip over the photos, but again, Marg rarely appears here and JNL is all over the place.

      • contusion

        What he said.

      • spartacus

        It’s every second fucking day and I just can’t take any more of this fake, attention hungry, media whore, no talent, “Pay for my time only”, “Anything else is just natural between two consenting adults” man-face POS

  3. Joe

    Please stop posting this butterface.

  4. Henry

    Tuck it! Tuck it! Now stretch…

  5. kimmykimkim

    Why are those implants so freaking high? It’s just so bad.

  6. She’s like J Lo, only not hideous!

  7. Turd Ferguson

    Much better to pay a Pap to follow you to a park than to workout at home in privacy.

  8. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Thats an odd place for a nipple

  9. cp3

    Of COURSE she’s “working out” in a park in Miami. Paps don’t have gym memberships, and how else would she bait someone to photograph her?

  10. Reach! And stretch! And tuck!

  11. Kubla Khan

    Her roots are showing.

  12. James

    Say what you will. This bitch is in fantastic shape.

  13. lily

    her body looks awesome, she could probably kick most men’s asses. come on nicole, what are those, 8 pounders? we know you can lift way more than that ;)

  14. cc

    I’d love to cover her in safflower oil (healthy!) and have sex with her.

  15. Quijibo

    Does she ever exercise indoors?

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