1. Not enough Irish whiskey in that whole fucking country to make me think she is anything but a hideous shrew of a woman.

  2. Like your drunk aunt at the family Christmas party.

  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    For God’s sake someone show some pity and ask her to flash her tits

  4. shonzie

    grandma I would NOT like to fuck

  5. Contusion

    Ma’am! Put…the…baton…down!

  6. Depends are now available in Cranberry

  7. Johnny P!

    Glove and long sleeves.
    Apparently, she DOES read The Superficial!

  8. $100 says that baton vibrates

  9. Log One

    Fuck, just go away already!

  10. Animal

    I’ve had cramps on my calves that were sexier than her ass.

  11. This photo wins for most gay hands.

  12. Basement Jack

    My grandmother lifts her skirt to fart too. She’s in a home now.

  13. K-tron

    Just checking to make sure it’s still bolted on.

  14. Smapdi

    Old woman, get off the stage!

  15. Ah, the smug smile of youth on that tender little piece of fluff at the top of the stairs. When Madge sees this pic, she will sneak into that girls room at night and suck the life force from her until she is a dry husk.

  16. kimmykimkim

    Hang. It. Up. Grandma.

  17. She looks cool with those fish-net Depends on.

  18. Henry

    No one one is forwarding her memos.

  19. “…and it’s a baton! Okay, let’s see what else is up there…”

  20. Carolyn

    Why does anyone pay to see her?

  21. EricLr

    Okay, Dublin, who wants me to flash some gray pubes?!?!?

  22. bigalkie

    I searched wikkipedia for “asshole” and this picture came up.

  23. “When I shit in my fishnet Depends it looks like a Play-Doh Fun Factory in there.”

  24. This one time, at band camp, I shoved some papyrus in my pussy

  25. Continu

    ‘Maxim’ 2008: Madonna nr.4 on the list unsexiest women
    ‘Necrophilia Monthly’ 2012: nr. 1 on the hot 99 women

  26. Bionic_Crouton

    “Now serving no. 1274… 1274….”

  27. disillusionisreal

    what the hell is wrong with her ass?

  28. Derburder

    Not shown: Her using that baton as a cane to get off the stage.

  29. El Jefe

    The dancer is desperately flapping her arms trying to get away from Madonna.

  30. Josephus

    “Are you Irish? ‘Cause my penis is Dub…as soft as a potato.”

  31. Too bad. I liked a couple of her songs from back in the day, but luckily I never had to watch her. I don’t think watching her now would be such a treat either.

  32. Napoupi

    That ass looks like a giant pair of balls. Had to be said.

  33. Look Ma! No veins!

  34. BbyBluThghHghs

    Will she just die already?!

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