1. Johnny P!

    Can’t believe Russell Crowe would be seen in public with her…

  2. Contusion

    She has the posture of a hungover cromag.

  3. Joaquin Phoenix really took his career decline badly…

  4. DeucePickle

    Can’t believe Peter Jackson is nailing this hot ass

  5. Weekend at Ryan Dunn’s.

  6. CranAppleSnapple

    Tara, when you find the Yeti you bring him home! Clean him up, make him a star.

  7. “Are you sure it says quarter past irrelevant?”

  8. kimmykimkim

    I’ll take that hot bitch on the right.

  9. theoriginal LJ

    There’s a pretty good chance she’s going to beat Lindsay in the Dead Pool.

  10. Cock Dr

    What a girl will do to keep the supply of good weed coming.

  11. K-tron

    Looks like The Dude is finally taking her up on her offer. He just had to wait until her price came down to a bottle of coconut rum and some wet wipes.

  12. Want to bet she has no idea the hats on backwards? Or that she’s wearing a hat for that matter.

  13. “Right on schedule. Walk at 4:00, then dinner at 5:00. Another quick walk at 10:00 then into the kennel until tomorrow morning.

  14. Joe

    I have her in my celeb death pool. Things are looking up.

  15. Henry

    Unattraction at its finest.

  16. “Come on. If we don’t get there by 5, we miss the early bird special.”

  17. Fingergod

    “What the Hell is this stuff growing on my arm?!?! How long has that been there?!?!”

  18. EricLr

    Even Zack Galifinakis is like “Shit, look at the time…Sorry, I gotta go, baby.”

  19. Emma Watson's Vagina

    who photoshopped me and Tara Reid together?

  20. Is she on the right or the left?

  21. O'chunt

    Shit yeah, she’s definitely punching above her weight here.

  22. Happy_Evil_Dude

    DUDE: so, for two Euros, I get the whole she-bang, right?

    TARA: TWO euros? Marry me, you wealthy entrepreneur!

  23. Huh?

    She looks like Duff McKagan of GnR circa 1991

  24. cc

    Does her trucker hat say ‘Rock Out With Your Cock Out’?

  25. Jesus Jones

    I like this photo. It tells me that even I could qualify as arm candy for a washed-up movie star.


    Tara Reid: 1. see village pegboard; also town pump.
    illustration @ cum recepticle.

    2. A previously hot actress who is in the process of going to Hell in a hand-basket.

  27. KC

    This guy only hangs out with her to make his stomach look good.

  28. Tara and her next non-husband?

  29. Dont give me that I gotta run shit, you promised me some shizzy for a blowjob in the bushes.

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