1. EricLR

    And what’s YOUR big talent, huh? Being a wiseass bartender???

    • The_Ouroboros

      He created Bobby’s World; show some fucking respect. With that said, he looks worse than Stallone does, and that’s saying something.

  2. cc

    That ponytail looks ridiculous.

  3. Hopalong

    Apparently if you wash your hands enough you turn into Billy Bob Thornton.

  4. On a variation of “Those who can’t do, teach,” …”Those who have none can recognize it in others?”
    Like Salieri?

  5. Remember when you used to blow up gloves on your head? That was awesome.

  6. FUCK this guy.
    – Superman

  7. In case anybody was wondering what Darth Vader looks like wandering around inside his meditation chamber with no suit on, here you go.

  8. “There’s no talent here or a clean restroom. I’ll be in my hotel room.”

  9. “I told my agent I would sign this contract….for one million dollars”

  10. I thought he was pretty damn good on Deal or No Deal. And he looks much better with a shaved head, as opposed to that rag-mop of thinning curlicues that was his “do” before. All this being said, fuck him in the ass with a Buick!

  11. Jake

    If America had talent, would Howie Mandel be popular?

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