1. Children posing with sesame street characters only heightens the fantasy.

  2. cc

    She’s posing with the new Sesame Street character ‘Fappo’

  3. For some reason, Elmo seems completely uninterested.

  4. I can hear Alec in the background:

  5. Smapdi

    Wonder what Amanda Bynes sees when she looks at this photo . . .

  6. JC

    “Elmo’s seen your fart box on Instagram!”

  7. EricLR

    Cookie monster interested in cookie! Elmo want hot dog!

  8. Minky Wail

    Elmo’s nose looks like it’s been pressed against a few too many pubic bones

  9. Cock Dr

    Elmo looks like he took a pop in the snot locker for a chance to squeeze that teenaged ass.

  10. It’s a good thing those suits aren’t skintight. It helps hide boners.

  11. Clothes on? Boooooring.

  12. Nice to see Ireland visiting uncle Stephen & Daniel on their lunchbreak.

  13. AWOL

    “Elmo want know, Do you have a Brother?”

  14. So she’s an arrogant little pig *and* a furry?


  15. From right to left:

    Tickle Me Elmo.
    Fuck Me Ireland.
    Cookie Monster.

    At the end of this movie cookie gets eaten, and Elmo’s tickled that he got some action.

  16. If this were a video, Elmo’s left arm would just be dangling as something was rhythmically trying to punch out of his stomach.

  17. After the photo was taken they realized they didn’t have to put their hands up the muppet’s asses to get them to talk.

  18. Guy in the red suit thinkin’ “tonight I’m fellate me Elmo.”

  19. Hung Lo

    My wife got molested by an “Elmo” character in Times Square. Grabbed her tit.

  20. Confused boner is confused.

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