1. We should all set up a “Superficial Commenters” trip to a Jonas brothers concert. We’ll get hammered in the parking lot, and then beat them to a bloody pulp on stage in front of the rest of the shrieking audience.

  2. EricLR

    He’s kind of like a contemporary Elvis, if Elvis had spent his pre-shows in bathrooms getting handjobs from male roadies.

  3. Clearly he’s mid-chorus of ‘It’s Raining Men”.

  4. The least he could do is reach around to his whammy bar.

  5. tlmck

    Is it a guitar or oversized vibrator?

  6. Boston has suffered enough without these arseholes causing more grief and suffering.

  7. Jesus Christ, the fat one is still insisting on wearing skinny jeans.

  8. “I’m not gay. I make love to the music. See. How can I be gay if music is my lover? My music is gay? FUCK!”

  9. eatme

    “You can do it!!!”

  10. You’d make that face too if someone had secretly replaced your water with unicorn semen.

  11. Now we all know how he can make the guitar spin like ZZ Top.

  12. “Oh yeah…Jon Hamm…”
    “Glazed ham…”
    “Jon Hamm and glazed ham…Oh!”
    (clean up stage left)

  13. ty

    Things must be going well, because he is showing that guy in the front row his O face. OOOOhhh, OOhhhh.

  14. Since when did they start putting cup-holders on microphone stands?

  15. His reenactment of that scene in “Bruno.”

  16. JizzFace

    Where was this guy for the “Jizz in My Pants” Lonely Island music video???

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