1. Why even try to hide it at this point?

  2. BB

    “Okay, dude, I can’t do this, your ‘music’ is fucking terrible. No, dude, I’m being serious right now–hey, get that mic outta my face. Here, just…keep my guitar. I don’t need it anymore.”

  3. tlmck

    Probably serenading the bass player with “Just the Two of Us.”.

  4. Barely recognized Bill Nye without the bow tie.

  5. “Huh, uhhh.. I am NOT ‘closing my eyes’ this time.”

  6. From the Behind the Candelabra starter kit.

  7. “Who likes cock?”
    “We like cock! La-la-la-laaaaa we like cock!”

  8. “What are you going to get when the concert’s over and we meet alone in my dressing room?”
    “You damn right!”

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