1. joe

    Shouldn’t that thought bubble be a little lower?

  2. I'mCool

    She instantly regretted getting that Bieber tat.

  3. Well Hello…and hello.

  4. You’d think that someone would have pointed out to her that she doesn’t need to speak right?
    Also, I see the hint of nip…

  5. Hello boys, have a good night’s rest? I missed you.

  6. Hello to you too.

  7. Cock Dr

    Bimbos needs the internet and the internet needs bimbos. The whole damned thing would collapse like a house of cards without them.

  8. I see the Youtube ‘lop off half your face to make sure you get your whole tits in the shot’ rule applies to Instagram equally well.

  9. Surprise! She’s resting the camera on her penis.

  10. She found a good use for her third boob.

  11. Hate Mongrel

    Why is Megan Fox’s arm around her.

  12. What a marvelous sight for an old man to run across!

  13. SupaDupa

    Helen Flappytits

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