1. mustard

    ER- sorry but the Gold Coast is in Queensland. Yes yes- I’m a nit picky twerp.

  2. Josephus

    “I read it in ‘Hilary Duff’s Guide to a Happy Relationship.’”

    “Oh, you’re the one.”

  3. EricLR

    I swear those sandcrabs are following us!

  4. Monsignor Nelson

    “Swallow, don’t spit!”

  5. Who put sand in Pink’s vagina?

  6. Putting the armpit cunt to good use.

  7. “I can never read your writing…ah, is that supposed to be a heart?”

  8. “Marco!”

  9. broduhjenner

    keep looking your vagina is down there somewhere. I think.

  10. Say hello to my little friend.

  11. caley

    “I understand that you did pee there, but the question I’m asking is why, Carey?!”

  12. “Remember all those songs you wrote talking shit about me when we broke up? *Punches her hard in the gut*
    No? Me either.”

  13. CptCreep

    I wonder if Pink looks at Carey’s penis and wishes it was as big as hers?

  14. “Find your penis for a dollar! Find your penis! One dollar!”

  15. “Now that we are here at the beach, you can set your crabs free! So long you little bastards!”

  16. Twist: Carey Hart is wearing the dress.

  17. “Ya know, honey, it looks like a penis only much, much smaller…and white.”

  18. PunkyBrewster

    “Hold on Carey! I dropped my dick!”….”Made ya look!”

  19. Is it weird that she shows more skin on stage than she does at the beach?

  20. GeographyLearnIt

    Oh, I thought that was Lady Gaga and Benji Madden in Las Vegas, New York, China.

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