1. “Sorry guys, Justin is texting me to come over to help him try on some outfits…
    He seems really down and needs another girl’s perspective”

  2. Cock Dr

    I hope that Ms Gomez celebrated her 21st bday with a rousing orgy.
    Given the company she used to keep god knows she must crave a good boning.

  3. JC

    You know it’s a good party when the birthday girl is disinterestedly texting while being fondled by a serial killer.

  4. Bonky

    You know your birthday party sucks when you would prefer playing Angry Birds on your cell phone.

  5. EricLR

    BRB, 4nd btr byfrd u pus3

  6. “Hang on” (typing) …a dick, Beibs “Okay, I’m ready.”

  7. Batu Khan

    This chick creeps me out. 21 years old with a 12 year old’s face. Breaks my mental fantasy gearbox every time.

  8. Her party is just as boring as she is.

  9. An assortment of douches

  10. broduhjenner

    that guy looks like ethan hawke

  11. Hugh Jazz

    “Hi folks, welcome to Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre! My name is AndrĂ© and I’ll be serving you today. Can I start you all off with some cheesy bread and some cokes?”

  12. caley

    The Rock’s gay brother is going to lay the thmack down.

  13. Mike Walker

    He looks like Glenn from celebheights.

  14. ty

    She is quite the heavy hitter. Kristen Stewart, (fat) Busy Phillips, Will Arnett, and A-Rod all showed up. Good for her.

  15. Ashley Benson will be the one to sell Selena Gomez’s sex-tape.

  16. She is so hot. Sadly we all know she is texting that fucktard Bieber in this pic.

  17. cc

    ‘Legs, ass, drunk….time to make my move…face, ‘registered sex offender’?….legs, ass…

  18. Hold on… when you guys reported she had done a train, I didn’t something so tame.

  19. *texting*
    So bored. Partying with my girls and the creepy guys who we bribed to buy us beer! Justin, Do you know where I can get a fake ID? UR so street baby!

  20. Damn Biebs, that dude is all into your girlfriend’s business….

  21. Do we have any idea who this crew of parasites is? Especially that guy whose hand is so close to her honey pot? That blonde looks like she might go for it, too. And poor Selena…looking soooo sad…

  22. The Winchester

    Spring braaaaaakkee…. spring braaaaaaaaakee….

  23. Josh Sidekick

    I can’t wait until I’m 45 so that I can hang out with young girls.

  24. That’s Creepy McTouchy Touch, Rapist-Extraordinaire.

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