1. rican

    Long live Sam Kinison!!

  2. Snackin In The Boys Room

  3. kravdan

    I need a Doctor, I don’t feel good, somebody kick start my heart.

  4. cuddles

    Hey, man. Can I borrow your Lamborghini?

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    When did they become an Aerosmith cover band?

  6. Party People on the right say HOOOOOOOOO!!! OH OOHH oh aw ouch groin pull.

  7. I might see these guys in August

  8. PassingTrue

    And *this* is how the berries got stuck over the twig.

  9. Slappy Magoo

    I’m on my wayyyyyy
    Just set me freeeeeee…

  10. “Thank you! Goodnight! See you at the All -U-Can -Eat buffet!!”

  11. JimBB

    This is what happens when the women stop throwing panties and start throwing cheeseburgers.

  12. hes not doing a crotch grab cause its cool n beiber n shit.
    hes doing a crotch grab cause old guys n bladder n control.

  13. famesandwhich

    All Dr. Feelgood gets him now is alpha blockers for his enlarged prostate. Cuz he’s old. Get it?

  14. Every time I see a photo like this, I feel better that Nikki was always my favourite.

  15. Why did they replace their lead singer with Danny DeVito this time?

  16. Lovey

    I’m not mad, but after seeing this, I am glad I just went away.

  17. Dox

    Yeah. Another piece of my childhood that I really wish would go away….

  18. Stinky

    Hey if it worked for John Travolta, …

  19. Well, apparently he did NOT sell his soul to the devil back in ’88.

  20. At least they know when to call it quits. KISS is on the 25th anniversary of their farewell tour

  21. Great White Pygmy

    I loved Deep Roy in the Mike TeaVee song!

  22. BlackManUSA

    The 80′s called. They said “don’t come back”

  23. Da fuq is he wearing?

  24. “Here you sing the rest…I need a breather !”

  25. tito

    portly crue

  26. Daver

    They don’t call it Heavy Metal for nothing.

    He looks like a steampunk Elvis.

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