1. The look of a man when he realizes he’s in a show with a kid from the OC – and he isn’t even star.

  2. “Hey, check it out! I found out where they hid the Ark of the Covenant!”

  3. beckystyles

    “Hey Photoboy, you call him Doctor Jones!”

  4. JimBB

    “Oh man, another crime we could have maybe solved with the help of some sort of masked vigilante detective!”

    “…so lunch then?”

    “Yeah, fuck it.”

  5. Icehawg

    Looks like Tim Burton’s version of “dick in a box”.

  6. They make port-a-potties invisible now to confound Gerard Butler.

  7. Dox

    “I’ve got a great idea for a show. Lets take all the great things about Gotham, yank em out, and do a show about a whole shitload of characters that nobody gives two fucks about. We can call it…. ‘Why Modern Television Fails so often.’ “

  8. Suck It Trebek

    What’s in the box? What was in the box! Ahhh what’s in the box! What’s in the f’ing box! You tell me you tell me that she’s alright! No! No! Oh God! Oh God!

  9. Vlad

    I found you a box.


    I’m too late, aren’t I?


  10. Frankly

    I guess he couldn’t wait for the box, OR, to pull down his pants. Another Taco Bell tragedy.

  11. “You just watch closely. I’m gonna pee a hole right through this concrete.”

  12. VitoSpermBurp

    Does this give you flash backs to receiving a Boston Steamer last night?

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