1. When you’ve had the most of the rodent genus in you’re rectum, it’s time to get creative.

  2. Dear Penthouse,

    cc: Habitrail

  3. brick

    He wishes badly that thing really existed!

  4. “Why are there wings on this?”

    “So you don’t put it up your butt, Richard.”

  5. JimBB

    Finally won that Flying Jackass award he’s been working his whole life towards.

  6. “…and this years winner of the ‘Gay Griffon’ award goes to….Richard Geere!”

    “YES!! wait..what?”

  7. Marketing Mike

    If you think it was tough getting the Gerbil out,
    that thing is painted on a piece of glass.
    It’s really gonna hurt this time.

  8. Dox

    Kinda curious how high the award designer was when he slapped that thing together.

  9. Renzomatic

    It’s one thing to put things in your butt. It’s quite another to bronze them afterwards.

  10. tlmck

    Can’t really say anything bad about him. I’m hoping he leaves me his guitar collection in his will.

  11. Frankly

    “And the Gay Griffin award goes to…Richard Gere!! Oh, big shocker. Work those jeans, girl.”

  12. Gentleman Gere Gets Gay Golden Griffin.

  13. HandsomeMatt

    “Yeah, they’re shaped like buttholes, I though the same thing” “No, no not prescription, so where do I put the Pegasus?” What’s that? In my butt? Yeah, I was going to anyways,lol”

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