1. “Not going to tug on your finger, your Majesty…”

  2. Hey Cool Runnings – you still riding that bobsled?

  3. “I say…..attempting mugging? HA. Ha. Ha.”

  4. maoix

    “Let’s just say that the Marquess of Queensbury is a relative.”

  5. “Hahahaha. What’s this? Shouldn’t you fellas be wearing feathers and a grass skirt?”

  6. Why is that old man slipping Zaloog a $20?

  7. maria

    Haha jolly good old chap, but now do tell, how is it that your people managed to escape from my colonies?

  8. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “You’re perfect for Camila!! She has the tattoo on her right buttock.
    You’ll see that later, ol’ chum!!”

  9. “Admit it, old boy, you chaps were much better off under the King’s rule than all that Jah Rastafari buggeroo.”

  10. “If you don’t mind a bit of advice, young chap, back in my day we found fisticuffs to be much more effective if we squeezed our hands into fists before striking our opponents…”

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