1. Who is the intern that released the shit that was meant for Kim Kardashian too early?

  2. So Tom Cruise is so rich he ejaculates gold? Is that it?

  3. kravdan

    You stop that Bryan Singer! David is too old for you!

  4. Ben

    Bend it like tubgirl.

  5. JimBB

    Pssst…I think King Midas likes you.

  6. Yeah, that’s how it feels sometimes.

  7. Swearin

    Damnit, now we’re going to have to send Victoria in there disguised as a bounty hunter and carrying Khloe Kardashian on a leash.

  8. Jackmac

    Is he doing German porn now?

  9. Marketing Mike

    I didn’t know they dyed the semen now.

  10. This is what happens when you sit behind LeAnn Rimes in an awards ceremony.

  11. Joe

    Where will you be when diarrhea hits?

  12. Ed

    Everything King Midas touches DOES turn to gold. Even jizz!

  13. I think we’ve seen enough “gold bukkake” jokes for one photo, so I’ll let it pass.

  14. Frankly

    Off camera, Donald Trump takes a 50 caliber bullet to the head.

  15. David Beckham would learn not to get too close to Richard Gere while he was playing with his golden griffin.

  16. donkeylicks

    When they said “Tywin Lannister shits gold” I never believed, but…

  17. Who let Tony Stark beat off with the suit on again?

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