1. You know how guys wear sunglasses so they can check out girls undetected? It works just as well when you can’t stand to look at someone’s face.

  2. Bob Saget doesn’t get a mention?

  3. Slappy Magoo

    “That’s right boys, a million bucks and I’m yours for the night…no it doesn’t come with a time machine set to 1986, why?”

  4. The ‘Working Girl’ sequel adds a totally predictable plot twist.

  5. Cock Dr

    It’s called a slip granny, you can buy them all over.

  6. If you cover up most of her body, and don’t show her face, she still looks pretty good.

  7. Marketing Mike

    I can’t get past the sore on her calf,
    and the cankles. No thanks…

  8. JimBB

    Ma’am, have you heard the good news about the Church of the Holy Wayfarer?

  9. Dox

    “and lo, the eighth seal was broken. And the Gorgon was loosed upon the world, to turn unsuspecting men to stone.”
    -Book of Melan-ations.

  10. “Um, I’m starting a petition to get my asshole soon to be ex-husband deported…”

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