1. How is it that she’s about the same size as when she played Daisy Duke, but I don’t think she’s as hot?

  2. I don’t understand… are they trying to sell the house or something?

  3. She’s in shape again and looking pretty fucking good. She’s back in the spank bank.

  4. The problem is that hot ass body would go to waste because I’d have to keep it in her mouth to keep her quiet.

  5. YadaYada

    I hate it when she’s hot. She’s much easier to dislike when she’s fat.

  6. JimBB

    Special thanks to the photographer, JJ Abrams.

  7. This was her audition photo from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

  8. Hmm…looks ok…no telltale warping of the background around her waistline…I think it’s legit. I’m going to officially declare Jessica Simpson to again be fuckable!

    Your trophy is in the mail Jessi.

    • Jimmy

      There is massive gut-sucking occurring, however. Which has the added bonus of pushing her big old itties up and out.

      But then after the pic was taken, there was a huge exhale, gut expansion, and boob saggage.

      She really is the poor little low self esteem rich girl. Banged and dumped by Texas coaches and quarterbacks, and settling for a purse carrying second stringer.

  9. Swearin

    When did Jessica Simpson start working with JJ Abrams?

  10. MarketingMike

    I remember her from the Reality Show, back when she
    was married to Nick. I remember the things she did, the
    way she lived, and her general lifestyle. So, no matter
    how hot she is again (and she was very hot back then)
    I can’t help but think back to how she’d wipe the house
    out for 3 hours, when she used the bathroom.

  11. George P Burdell

    How long will she be able to remember to “suck in that gut” every time a camera is near?

  12. Dox

    I’m sure this picture was meant to be all artsy. But honestly at this point, all I see is another garden variety bush in the fading light of hope for human civilization.

  13. And yea verily, on high could the voices of angels be heard, singing sweetly, “Ok, I guess, but not nearly as hot as Two-Thousand and Threeeeeeeee”.

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