1. ultra

    blowjob class

  2. PassingTrue

    Waaay too much violins on television.

  3. Thoughts, right-to-left:




    “I wonder if I cold get that violin up my ass.”

    “I bet she could get that violin up her ass.”

  4. I see Sasha taught him the proper technique for the “donkey fiddle.”

  5. Voice of Reisling

    Dirty hippie hair is the new market efficiency for Stradivarius.

  6. JimBB

    God help us all if Zooey Deschanel ever discovers that show.

  7. Kay

    I’ll bet she sports a mean strap-on.

  8. Sasha really is special. Nobody’s done what she’s been able to do.

  9. So Sasha Grey goes abroad to be on a “legitimate” TV show, with a “mainstream” actor…so how do they introduce her? “Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to anal enthusiast and cocksucker extraordinaire Sasha Grey.”

  10. “Let me play you all a song on the piano.”
    “Wood you?”
    “Please stop poking me in the back of my head.”
    “Don’t Fret, I’m almost done.”
    “That’s enough!”
    “You’re right. I should stop the violins.”

  11. Dick Thunder

    I bet Elijah could teach Sasha a thing or two…

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