1. ultra

    I feel like I’m looking back on an embarrassing prom memory.

  2. A Realist

    Amy Winehouse has never looked better.

  3. ‘Heard she showed up dress like that to do part of a concert with Tony Bennett… they’re going to release an album together before the end of the year…

    The question: does that make Mr Bennett less cool or Gaga more cool?

  4. If I can jerk off to Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny, I can probably jerk off to this too.

  5. Is that a shadow or does Lady Gaga have an enormous areola on her left breast?

  6. Joe Blow

    Someone needs to explain to her the meaning of “Trying too hard”.

  7. Liza Minelli is looking slightly less manly than usual today.

  8. Some lucky little girl is going to have the best bat mitzvah ever.

  9. Voice of Reisling

    Here she is — Miss Lower Bronx Secretarial Night School of 1966 —Benedetta Capuzio!

  10. Suck It Trebek

    Someone start a Cincinnati Stroke test and I’ll get the tPA!

  11. Kay

    This looks an awful lot like the begining of a bukkake movie I saw a few years ago.

  12. I think she looks pretty good, all things considered. I don’t care for the black hair (dark or medium brown would look better, methinks), but I’m really fond of her tits.

  13. I thought Liz Taylor is dead

  14. Tom S.

    “They tried to make me go to rehab but I said, ‘No, no, no’”

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