1. PassingTrue

    And with that, the cream vanished from the cannoli. Always nice to see a professional.

  2. International sign a lady is single and ready to mingle.

  3. “Yep. You’re right. It is exactly eight inches long.”

  4. Swearin

    Nice to see a visual metaphor for how she got her recording career

  5. Voice of Reisling

    “I wish I would diet already.”

  6. Flatliner

    If that is any indication, even her beejs are boring.

  7. MRF

    I never said Kanye didn’t pay me a million dollars, I just said he didn’t pay me a million dollars to sing at his wedding.

  8. “And now I move my teeth up and down, and then swallow? Do the rest of you do this with this ‘food’?”

  9. I know which Kardashian she’s trying to keep up with.

  10. Umm, miss, that’s my cone… No, miss, wait, that’s my…….

    Marry me?

  11. Her last meal request!

  12. That is raw talent, I tell ya.

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