1. dontkillthemessenger

    I have a feeling that The Mikhail Gorbachev Story will be the feel good hit of the summer.

  2. … In what Marvel movies did they cast Depp as Hammerhead?

    (The mere fact I know this character kinda shows how much of a fanboy I sadly am.)

  3. Short Round

    Why didn’t they just hire John Lithgow or Jack Nicholson to play this role. Could have saved millions on makeup.

  4. Hammerhead? Gorbachev? I thought he was supposed to be Nixon.

  5. At least he’s not dressed like a pirate in this one.

  6. charlesatlas

    I was thinking Clint Howard

  7. Megamind 2, Hairline Receding.

  8. Voice of Reisling

    Draco Malfoy, the Later Years.

  9. Brooks

    I just looked the movie up. He’s supposed to be Whitey Bulger. Big Boston criminal.

  10. “I used photographs to research my role. In fact, I feel like I really captured the thumbnail.”

  11. How come nobody likes Johnny Depp? I think he’s a great actor.

  12. He must have peaked at the portrait of himself he keeps locked in his basement.

  13. Schadenfreude

    The new live action short of “Pinky and The Brain”.

  14. Gerald Ford.

  15. Meanwhile in his trailer Amber Heard is having phone sex with Ireland Baldwin.

  16. He looks like Leo DiCaprio in J. Edgar

  17. Depp can be defined by the outlines of the mouth.

  18. I bet his Boston accent will be wicked f’n’ exaggerated!!!

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