1. “Mariah wanted a Chia Pet, so . . .”

  2. “Gotta get my boy Jesus to play for Big State. Governor says he’ll pardon me.”

  3. Slashman3

    Almost looks like Richard Pryor here.

  4. Voice of Reisling

    E.T. fingers. Gross.

  5. The 70′s called.. something about wanting it’s look back.

  6. Can somebody punch this guy in the face?

  7. j/k

    He needs to give Mariah her shirt back.

  8. Does his jersey say “Massah” as in “Yeah, suh, massah. I get on dat ‘mediately!”? Isn’t that somehow racist?

  9. That’s one Bad Mama Jama

  10. Mark my words, him and Mariah are done. That is the hair of a free man!

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