1. PassingTrue

    I’m just PassingTrue, and I approve of this skirt.

  2. Too much Betty Draper. She needs a pinch or two of Midge Daniels.

  3. Keith

    Jesus, no wonder no guy can stand her. This is the real world, not Barbie Dress Up Fantasy World.

  4. Veronika Larsson

    Taylor knows what works for her.

    As Philip Marlowe might have said: “She had legs that began at her ankles and ended in trouble.”

    • The Big Snooze
      I was sitting at my desk shuffling paper and trying to shake off the type of throbbing that only bourbon can deliver. Then she walked in. She had legs that began at her ankles and ended in a bad album and a shopping spree. She promised to wrap those gams around my head and take me places I had never been. How was I to know she meant chicken fights in the pool and shoe shopping on Rodeo? 4 hours later, she left me standing on the curb with a bad case of blue balls and a reputation for being a mean person. When her new CD came out, I poured myself a scotch, and actually gave it a listen. It was as dull and lifeless as I remembered her. Made we want to sleep. To take the snooze…the big snooze.
      The End

      • You, sir, win this year’s Bad Chandler Writing Award! Your half-eaten Subway sandwich that I found at a bus stop will arrive in the post in 4-6 weeks. I advise just throwing it away.

    • freaknasty

      I’d like to be in some trouble. Deep in.

  5. The 50′s called.. something about wanting it’s look back.

  6. Ralph

    She looks bat-shit crazy.

  7. If you go down on her, do you get brain freeze?

  8. She is so fucking hot

  9. I think she looks incredible. I’d be all over her like grease on a taco.

  10. Where does she rank on the hot/crazy scale?

  11. Johnny Barbells

    WAY too much try.

  12. tlmck

    She’s the new Mischa Barton.

  13. At least she’s trying to be lady like and dressing in a way that flatters her figure rather than exploits it. Also, I’m sure the parent’s of Taylor Swift’s fans are a lot happier with her than the parents of Miley Cyrus’s fans. Don’t like her music, but I’m okay with the wardrobe.

  14. As traps go, it’s a pretty good one.

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