1. PassingTrue

    Does is sound a bit prissy to ask if she’d like to consciously couple?

  2. Does he have two dicks?

  3. Sir, could you point me towards Buckingham Palace? I’m hoping to spot some celebrities.

  4. “Hallo lov, yeah just about to run into a meetin… One sec..”
    “Hey darling, wanna play conscious coupling with me”

    • If you’re going to do fake Cockney (Mockney), allow me:

      “Hullo, luv, yeah just about to take a meetin’…’ang on one sec…”

      “Hullo, darlin’! Fancy conscious couplin’ wif me?”

      No charge for the mock accent lessons. Don’t try that shit on the East End or you’ll get a bunch of fivers, mate.

  5. “Well, you’re looking very bourgeois…thank god, you’ll do.”

  6. JimBB

    “Tell me that you eat regular flour and I’ll marry you right now.”

  7. ‘Hello miss. Is the temperature of your professionally barbered maiden hollow above absolute zero?’

  8. Kay

    He looks happy, good for him. Lord knows he’s suffered enough.

  9. One might think of a better place to store a tire iron.

  10. “If I put my finger in my ear like this I can hear the ocean.”

  11. fuckface

    “I’m sorry? yeah, make it rare. I want it to moo. With extra bacon! You hear that ya cunt?!! Extra bacon!”

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