1. ultra

    Sire, the lens cap is securely on. Tis now safe to film your highnesses favorite steed, Camilla.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    He hasn’t worked this hard since he planned (redacted).

  3. PassingTrue

    Anybody know where I can film a black Mercedes entering a tunnel? (just staying on theme)

  4. But mummy, I’m playing kill the commoners with this ray gun!

  5. That’s not a TV Camera that’s actually a high powered laser beam that he borrowed from James Bond. And as for who he’s going to kill with it well let’s just say that she’s old.

  6. “This British technology is astounding! You’re telling me that with this ‘micro’ camera I can actually record video? That is amazing! Now get the forklift and bring me over that ‘cellphone!’”

  7. Swearin

    “Say, does anyone recall that scene in the film True Lies where the cameraman pulled a gun out of his camera and shot the bad guys? Oh, no reason. So can we schedule you all to come film an interview with Mum at 3pm tommorow?”

  8. At this rate, by the time he becomes king, he’ll be too senile to know it.

  9. rican

    “Hey Prince, give us that Camilla smile!”

  10. Suck It Trebek

    Not pictured nude little boys.

  11. “I appreciate this “ghetto blaster,” as they used to be called, but I don’t hear any music.”

  12. Bob Crane, he ain’t.

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