1. NotReality

    OK now Scott, make sure you reach around (like I showed you)
    and grab her breast as you pull away… More, more, that’s it…

  2. Dear Penthouse,

    My friend — Hailey — and I got on my uncle’s boat. My mom stood on the dock smiling, and waved goodbye. As we left the dock and headed to my uncle’s cabin, I started to wonder what this summer would hold in store for us. Two young, sexually inexperienced girls and my uncle, recently widowed and very lonely.

  3. Kris: “Aaaannd…ACTION….OK, more feeling….”

  4. You see a picture like this and wonder how something so staged is called “Reality TV”

  5. So many of the world’s problems would disappear with just one “Titanic” moment!

  6. JimBB

    Great parenting job, Alec. While you’re out yachting with your half-assed yoga instructor, LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENING!

  7. Jackmac

    Not Alec’s kid.

  8. Somali pirates are never around when you need them.

  9. Thought balloons:
    Hailey Baldwin: “Ohmigod, Dat Ass.”
    Film Crew behind Kris: “OHMIGOD DAT ASS!”

  10. Suck It Trebek

    “Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Scott Disick, and Hailey Baldwin AND PREREQUISITE CAMERA CREW in The Hamptons.”

  11. After seeing certain previous photos, and looking at this one, does anyone besides me get the feeling that Scott Suckdick…I mean DISICK…is making plans to make moves on the Jenner sisters?

  12. “Oh, Kris. Don’t you worry. I’ll be sure to ‘take care’ of them.”

  13. fred

    ” . . . And cut. Okay, bring in the Black guys.”

  14. Marketing Mike

    Reality TV shoes require a minimum of:
    2x Cameramen, 1 Lighting/Reflector guy,
    1x Boom tech, 1x Audio Engineer,
    a Producer, a Director, and the Talent.
    No wonder the people in the Hamptons
    dread these Reality Whores “stopping by”.

  15. Schadenfreude

    The Douche Boat….Soon will be making another run! The Douche Boat, promises dry heaves for everyone!

  16. Oh those special, private moments on summer holiday, shared only with close family, friends, and the camera and sound crew.

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