1. EricLr

    Well, Saint Tropez is pretty cold in the summer.

  2. That may be a running suit but her doctors have warned her, and the public at large, against doing that…

  3. mamamiasweetpeaches

    “I work out to get this body. This nipped and tucked and sucked empty vessel of a body.:

  4. downwithmuffins

    the pink ranger looks like fucking shit.

  5. Nothing says class like a baseball hat with “fuckin” on it.

  6. lily

    ewww she really needs to put on a bra!!!

  7. The fear in her eyes is from knowing that if she unclasps her hands, her tits will drop out of her shirt.

  8. Animal

    Who’s the retarded boy wearing pink?

  9. AndyMayberry

    Tara sad, Tara spend all American Pie money on plastic surgeries, Tara hungry, why no more movies want Tara, why…

  10. George P Burdell

    Didn’t know stomach look like that. I must hold it in.

  11. Gin&Tonic

    you know its bad when the washed up soccer mom to your right is way hotter than you

  12. She looks like an old Korean lady.

  13. Henry

    Her reaction mirrors mine.

  14. “Joe, she’s leaking again, go blow her up some more.”

  15. Salad Face

    “Ouch, you said it would only burn when I peed.”

    “Would you shut up? I can’t deal with your clap AND hold my stomach at the same time!”

  16. Lizard

    Someone give her Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon’s number. Yeah, he’s dead, but it’s not like he could make it any worse. Seriously, she’s propping her tits up with her arms, and they’re still hanging past her elbows.

  17. Miss C

    Ce dit “Viprocm” dans les chapeaux…c’est un neuveau anti-herpes medicin en France, non?

  18. The Pope

    “So then I saw your belly and I was like ‘Aaaaagh!’, that’s why I told you to wear a jacket today. It’s windy though, so just…just keep holding it down.”

  19. yomama

    she looks like a senile old woman who’s lost her flock of “mall walkers” and the women beside her is assuring her that “they didn’t get far honey, they’re over by the cinnabon”

  20. tlmck

    Ran out of booze 15 minutes ago.

  21. Saving herself from the indignity of showing underboob in a track jacket

  22. Bonky

    I really want to be your personal trainer, but we are never going to accomplish anything if you freak out every time you go outside and see sunlight.

  23. squishy

    I didn’t think breast implants sagged like that?!?

  24. Does she really think that strip of belly is her best feature? Or is it just so flaccid that her pants can’t stick to it?

  25. KillTheKing

    Bang Bus auditions.

  26. harshfucker420

    Fucking gross.

  27. Happy_Evil_Dude

    It’s nice of that crazy lady to escort the confused cancer patient in the pink tracksuit back to his hotel.

  28. Looks to me like poor Tara is suffering from agrand mal hangover that’s registering on the Richter Scale.

  29. journalschism

    She makes her plane tickets out of condom remnants, give a girl a break.

  30. I guess those are her running sandals.

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