1. Pants by Sherwin-Williams

  2. Long ass syndrome

  3. Crissy

    she looks nice from a distance.

  4. Salad Face

    And God smote the ingenue who wasted her beauty on a poor man’s Ziggy Stardust…

    “Bitch, yo face would still be on point if you had just banged one of the Nelson Brothers.”

  5. Visible Ink

    That big black trunk looks good. It’s a Porsche Cayenne right?

  6. DeucePickle

    I’ll this over Tara Reid, any day

  7. From the look of this, Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon’s still getting nose work.

  8. Emma Watson's Vagina

    something about her cries marrying a Marvel comics artist.

  9. cc

    She’s getting a lot of support.

  10. harshfucker420

    Long butt. Weird face.

  11. Fat, ugly, old, end of discussion.

  12. She’s still got a great pair of tits, and I’ll take her any day! Except tomorrow. I’ll be busy tomorrow.

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