1. Frank Burns

    Pimpin’ ain’t easy. And apparently not very lucrative either.

  2. mamamiasweetpeaches

    “and for ANOTHER twenty I let you pull my hair and call me ‘Mariah’”

  3. So that’s what a ham sandwich BJ is going for nowadays…

  4. catapostrophe

    “Bitch I said I wanted a MEAL. What kinda meal am I supposed to get with twenty bucks in L.A.?”

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Paying the hooker before the sexual act sets a bad precendent.

  6. Josephus

    Generally the “celebrity” gives the hobo the money, not the other way around. Although, I guess he figured she needs it more.

  7. lily

    thank god she is clothed.

  8. Hold on bitch what’s this? Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

  9. Morgan Freeman can do better

  10. C’mon baby, if I give you this $20.00 can I stare directly at your boobs for a minute?

  11. Henry

    They make a great couple.

  12. Salad Face

    “Now… just… g-g-give me that and I can get started!”

  13. Atomicbeddy

    He’s paying her to get a new swimsuit that fits!

  14. Johnny P!

    Hidden under her purse:
    A coin-belt to give change…

  15. SpareClownParts


  16. Ruth

    $20 for a motorboat please.

  17. wheeeeeeee

    too easy

  18. MickeyFig

    That dude roams the red line subway in LA…Never forget that patchy head

  19. “Sorry miss, it’s $20 just to see it, $50 to ride”

  20. Grand Dragon

    The dude looks like a black Fire Marshal Bill

  21. blonde

    Yes homeless man I will help you out, but do you have change for a $20?

  22. tlmck

    He overpaid.

  23. Bonky

    “Normally I would gladly take a twenty off somebody for food and what not, but being you look like one of them local street hookers, I really gotta wonder if you didn’t just print this thing or get it off some chump or something.”

  24. “So, in exchange for my $20 I get a ten, five ones, and I get to play with your tits…???”

  25. squishy

    “I’m going to need change back with that, exactly 16.95 should do it. So happy to help!”

  26. Ben Kingsley in “Sexy Beast.” Except Ben has seen better days, and that Beast ain’t Sexy.

  27. “For twenty dollars, I’ll let you touch ‘em!”

  28. fvalen001

    He’s paying her to not use her drapes as a swim suit again.

  29. I have a $20 to spare.

  30. richiemcfly

    “Here, bitch. Go buy some talent.”

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