1. lily

    cute girl, love the shoes

  2. Laney

    I’d fuck her so hard her nose would go back to crooked.

  3. Henry

    Who just wears paper towel and calls it a dress?

  4. Visible Ink

    The bid is at 65. Wait, new bid at 72. The 72 year old gentleman is willing to give her a new career for a one night stand. Going once…

  5. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Fake nose, check, fake tan, check, fake hair, check, fake boobs, check, fake career, check.

  6. tlmck

    Yes. Yes I would.

  7. I have never seen this gal in anything so I know very little about her other than she’s incredibly cute and quite desirable. But when I look at her I get the feeling that she is fluent in conceit and arrogance, along with being a nickle-plated cunt! Just a guess…

  8. YoMamma

    She actually looks really good in this pic – but, Step Up again? Seriously? How many fancy feet movies can they make about getting ‘served’?

  9. I’ll take her and Vanessa Hudgens in a 3 way. Two of the hottest girls of the last Disney generation.

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