1. EricLr

    I think the teen pop queen has been replaced by a real housewife of something.

    • broduh jenner

      i was just going to say this EXACT same thing. but i was thinking real housewives of las vegas: the recession hit us hard.

  2. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Now I feel old. Debbie Gibson is starting t9o look Phylis Dillar-ish

  3. catapostrophe


  4. Contusion

    What the hell happened?

  5. ksmack


  6. That hairpiece doesn’t look fake at all.

  7. “What a world! What a world!”

  8. Beaver Underground

    Forget regretting tattoos. The future is full of people regretting plastic surgery.

  9. your mom

    WTF? I thought she was my age??

  10. That’s DEBORAH!

  11. Johnny P!

    Should be called “Tsunami Faceplant, The Tragedy”.

  12. Crissy

    Britney sure has lost a lot of weight!

  13. Salad Face

    You know, you guys always have some witty comments- but I dare one of you to say that Ke$ha doesn’t look amazing in this photo.

  14. yomama

    looks like someone is in dire need of some electric youth.

  15. When the plastic surgeon asked what she wanted, she handed over a picture of an English Bulldog.

  16. Bonky

    You know what’s really weird ? In the 1980′s she was 10 years younger than me, but today in 2012, she is 10 years older than me. How the hell did that happen ?

  17. Wearing you’re cheek implants on the outside doesn’t make you edgy.

  18. Bionic_Crouton

    She looks like the Dean from “Community” in drag.

  19. squishy

    WOW! She still around….and she should really look into wearing bra.

  20. cc

    Argh, now I am going to have ‘onlyyyy in my dreeaaaaaams’ stuck in my head for two days.

  21. So if Britney and the Tan Mom had a child…

  22. Am I the only person looking at her face and thinking dolphin implants?

  23. journalschism

    From ‘Electric Youth’ to ‘Gerbil-Powered Middle-Age’.

  24. Roseanne Barr

    Human dog face.

  25. MorganRoyale

    Google Kim Zolciak’s (Real Housewives of Atlanta) mom. It’s eerie.

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