1. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Did u know SNOOKI makes a perfume now? I saw it for sale at BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY yesterday. My boyfriend asked the cashier if it smelled like pickles m failure and sperm.

  2. She thought so hard, her brain popped out of her skull.

  3. If there any wonder why the Today Show is hemorraging viewers?

  4. Beaver Underground

    PhotoBoy: Placing a picture of Snooki after Jennifer Nicole Lee is against the Geneva Convention!

  5. Henry

    She’s like a disco ball.

  6. Salad Face

    Snooki leaving an audition for Mitzi Mozzarella in the Rock-afire Explotion reboot.

  7. “The fat one’s here, open up the cargo doors.”

  8. cc

    The Weebil’s franchise is expanding to include a Slut Weebil.

  9. DeucePickle

    Pretty sweet gut for only being 3 weeks pregnant.

  10. Don’t women usually gain weight during pregnancy?

  11. Bionic_Crouton

    The prostitute of Munchkin land left Oz today to remind the world on the Today show that even though she is as dumb as bag of hammers, she is richer than most college graduates.

  12. Urvag

    I didn’t know there was a hooker line of maternity clothes….

  13. She looks like she’s using up all of her internal RAM trying to remember how to walk…

  14. Ah, that prego glow when you realize your belly overshadows your gunt.

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