1. Ever have a Purell motorboat?

  2. “My bald mound would like to have a threesome”

  3. Howie’s big test: Which is more important to him – avoiding germs, or breasteses?

  4. Some semen dripping from her ear?

  5. EricLR

    No, I swear! I can’t see any cancer at all.

  6. He could always fist bump her boobs.

  7. dmbishop

    Purell? Check.
    Protective Glasses? Check.
    OK boys. I’m going in.

  8. He is pitching the new game show, Feel or No Feel.

  9. How germ-phobic can he be with a hair petri-dish growing right under his mouth?

  10. In every picture like this, there is a bald man with a soul patch saying it all with his sunglasses…

  11. “I’d like to wipe those babies down in Purell and put my hands all over ‘em…”


  12. “Maria… weird… your last name is Greek, but your tits look germin’ “

  13. Howie Mandel: Notorious for being an asshole.

  14. That’s the natural reaction to being around Maria.

  15. Oooh, girl cooties!!

  16. john

    doesnt he have to dose her in Purell first?

  17. Howie: With these sunglasses on, can you tell I’m staring directly at your breasts?
    Maria: Noooooo-ahhhhhh.

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