1. That first salad is always the trickiest.

  2. broduhjenner

    you know how I knew she was filming? because she’s eating a salad.

  3. joe

    The dressing tastes like her co-stars’ dignity.

  4. Salad for the cameras, a stack of Big Macs in the trailer.

  5. EricLR

    Grumpy cat hate salad!

  6. johnny p!

    It’s a scene from the show.
    That ‘salad’ is actually made of bacon fat dyed with Green#72.
    (you don’t want to know what the ‘croutons’ are…)

  7. Vlad

    Guinea Pig: The Movie

  8. Those are worse than a whopper with the dressing.

    But I’m sure FAT PIG didnt put it on.

  9. diego

    It’s like watching someone try to push two positive magnets together… It just doesn’t want to happen.

  10. You know what? You are getting paid to get naked on a show with the body you have right now. Fuck salad.

  11. JC

    It doesn’t really count as “dieting” when you still eat food by the bucket-full.

  12. So she has an eating disorder. Lots of people can’t find their mouth.

  13. I wanted to ask her if we could interview her about how her diet was going, but i didn’t think she would lettuce.

  14. She can eat herself thin, but not pretty.

  15. Why is she even doing that? If I was a manatee I would just float around in the water and eat shit as it floats by me.

  16. You can’t diet away ugly.

  17. NURSE: “What’s happening, Doctor?!?”
    DOCTOR: “I was afraid this might happen. Her body is actually rejecting the salad.”

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