1. joe

    YEAH, I know RIPD is a colossal shitbag of a movie, but don’t shoot, OK.

  2. Phones ringing, Dude.

  3. “Yeah! I’m Sure!

  4. EricLR

    Hey, Mr. Bridges, will you sign anyone else’s album for me?

  5. BB

    “There IS an unspoken message here, and it’s ‘leave me and my bulge the fuck alone!’”

  6. tlmck

    The wealthy can afford to have an extra pair of hands sewn on.

  7. “RIPD” is clearly an acronym

  8. Seen here showcasing his belt, which really ties the outfit together.

  9. WhiteRussian

    “Not a problem, man. Let me just pass this back to the child in my shirt and I’ll sign that one for ya.”

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