1. Remember when his character drew all those thick veiny dicks in Superbad? This is gayer.

  2. He takes his favourite bag everywhere.

  3. joe

    Do you think he carries a pair of his skinny pants in the bag? As some sort of reminder? For motivation?

  4. Seriously, did he get hungry and bite a chunk out of his arm?

  5. I think he carries his farts in the bag so he can take a nice sniff whenever he likes.

  6. johnny p!

    S.W.A.W.I.F. with murse.

  7. “It’s NOT a man purse.” It is a satchel!”

  8. yoop

    He’s getting as bad as Uncle Si. Probably stashing the jug of sweet tea in his man purse.

  9. EricLR

    Hey, don’t make fun of the purse! It’s where he keeps his many serious scripts!

  10. diego

    Jesus Christ, Chaz Bono two days in row?

  11. Appears he is beginning to morph into Earvin Johnson III.

  12. Good thing he went through life threatening surgery to be skinny for one week.

  13. So there was some sort of tragic teleportation accident with Jonah Hill and Chaz Bono, right?

  14. how much douche is in my canoe, you ask? well, let me tell ya…

  15. “Yeah hold on guys, I just gotta pull over here into these bushes and piss… hey speaking of piss, did I ever tell you about the time Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobi McGuire… sorry Leo and Tobes… pissed in my mouth and shat on my chest?”

  16. anonymous

    There must be a little Captain Morgan in that cup. He’s actually smiling.

  17. Thank God Chaz put his shirt back on.

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