1. And so, these youths were forever hooked on marijuana as a result of their 5 minute meeting with Snoop…

  2. har har har

    Snoop, you better hide yo kids from Ted Nugent. Especially that one on the left with skittles in his hand.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    I love this pic for the faces of the kids…

    - there are a few smiling
    - there’s a kid in a red shirt with a “WTF is going on here?” look
    - there’s another kid in a red shirt who needs medical attention
    - then there’s the kid in the gray shirt who looks like he just spent the night at Michael Jackson’s house.

  4. Unfortunately the photog did not have a wide lens to get ALL of his kids in one shot.

  5. Blame it on Whitey.

  6. EricLR

    Okay kids, here is your one yearly movie night with dad, as dictated by the terms of the paternity class-action suit…You can have one small popcorn too. I SAID SMALL!

  7. That one in the red is going to go places

  8. The contestants on Snoop’s new reality show, “In every photo like this..”

  9. LLBL

    Ok, Snoop is the main boss. The white guy is the accountant. The kid on the left is the middle man. He makes the purple drank; he’s holding the Skittles. The rest of them are trippin’ balls right now. Quite the operation Snoop!

  10. Snoop has smoked so much weed that some of those kids got contact highs by just standing near him.

  11. Nothing says kids movie premiere like having a burnout who admits to having pimped out women.

  12. Zimmerman would get a boner if he saw this.

  13. WWGZD? (What would George Zimmerman do?)

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