1. Roger Moore

    And they say you can’t judge a book by its cover……

  2. Did.. Did she steal Chris Brown’s penis? That bulge is unsettling…

  3. broduhjenner

    apparently, she thought the shirt wasn’t good enough. she had to go wear pants that basically frame her vag.

  4. Cock Dr

    Ooooooo….she’s just so edgy and cool.

  5. Can’t decide which one is more pathetic? Shirt or pants?

  6. and remove all doubt…

  7. It is better to be thought a slut than to wear a shirt and remove all doubt.

  8. johnny p!

    Her boomerang twat just keeps returning to whoever violently hurls it.

  9. Are people required to wear signs in London?

  10. Strolling down a public street dressed like that? Way to be a role model for little girls, RiRi!

  11. Slutz brand fashion…when you’re doing the work of more than one slut.

  12. So this is what Bratz become they grow up.

  13. This is what Bratz become when they grow up.

  14. Finally, truth in advertising.

  15. We would have also accepted “whore”

  16. Oh, I love the slutz brand of po’-taint-ho chips.

  17. Was her “Stupid Kuntz” shirt still at the dry cleaners?

  18. Sylvester Cattington

    She finally got issued a uniform.

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