1. dbag

    Wearing Rianna’s face 3 seconds prior to impact. Ah the memories… good times.

  2. cc

    ‘Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood.’ I’d love if, just for once, some random person such as the bouncer at this place said ‘You know what? You’re a piece of shit, and I’m not letting you in.’

  3. Oh … I thought she dumped him for posting her ass on Instagram?

    • Must’ve realized she would be irrelevant if she did that and had a change of heart.

    • buzz

      Naw I think she tried dumping him because he deleted the pics. A media whore has to work and she can’t make money if her ass isn’t on a celebrity’s instagram.

  4. homo sapiens

    Anime T-shirt, Arabic script on the undershirt, and a wee lil kilt?!? Ah, hell no, dat nigga be on a cultural appropriation spree.

  5. even his shirt is fucking terrified.

  6. There’s a woman who can take a punch.

  7. Ghengis Khanstein

    Nice hat, douchebag.

  8. JimBB

    I’m going to give him a pass on those two.

  9. …well, she did’nt stay mad long, huh?

  10. right

    Just look at anyone all tat’d up like that. A psychological mess. Fact

  11. I guess a famewhore can’t afford to dump her meal ticket.

  12. Spartacus

    He’s a talented African-American.

  13. Bishop

    Moments later, he saw his reflection and beat his own ass for not telling himself how stupid he looked.

  14. journalschism

    His shirt is like a Shroud of Turin for the women he abuses.

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