1. yourmom

    Someone needs to get Coco some help…. this has gone way too far.

  2. Finally, a picture of someone who Kim Kardashian is hotter than.

  3. bigmamma

    We don’t often see her photographed without Dog the Bounty Hunter… trouble in paradise? Vying for a spinoff show?

  4. dbag

    Do you even do legs bro?

  5. cc

    Well, I never thought it possible to kill my Emily Ratajkowski-induced boner stonedead….but you did it.

  6. Joe Blow

    Whaaaaaaat the helllll am I looking at?

  7. Cletus

    “Nicole Bass-Fuchs is an American bodybuilder, actress, professional wrestler and valet ”

    A valet? Does she CARRY the fucking cars to the parking lot?

  8. ChickenHawk

    What the what?!?

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    I blame Howard Stern.

  10. rican

    Great! I’ve been waiting for a Twisted Sister comeback for way too long!

  11. The smell that must be under that dress…

    Oh god. I just gurged a little.

  12. Jimbo

    Who Photoshopped the dick hanging from the bottom of the dress out?

  13. Mr. Perfect

    It’s rare – and a little shocking – when one of our female commenters starts going to the gym…

  14. I’d make a she-hulk hoke, but she-hulk was WAY more attractive than this dude.

  15. JimBB

    I suspect she would do well in prison.

  16. Imagine what she would look like without that lipstick. She’d be manly.

  17. …ok, NOW if any of you wanna discuss the negative effects of steroids, i will keep my mouth shut.

  18. I can’t possibly believe that’s Mickey Rourke. Brooke Hogan totally suffering the hangover from hell? Absolutely. But Mickey Rourke? Not a chance in hell. Or New York City, for that matter.

  19. Billed height 6 ft 2 in
    Billed weight 240 lb

  20. What the actual fuck?

  21. Notice how you never see Nicole Bass and Lance Bass in the same room?

  22. Please just show Hilary Duff from behind.

  23. Bishop

    You know it’s a pretty fucked up situation when even her DRESS is screaming. Seriously! Look at it!

  24. PassingTrue

    Nice to see that Hilary Clinton has revewed her gym membership.

  25. Mrs. Garrett needs to stay off the juice.

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