1. Josephus

    I think the fact that nobody could even bring themselves to make a joke yet about this says everything you need to know about Dane Cook in 2014.

  2. As a tribute to Dane Cook, I’m only going to leave an unfunny comment.

  3. JimBB

    He’s going to rescue that red carpet from not being douchey enough.

  4. Flatliner

    He will always have Good Luck Chuck. And I’m not talking about the film’s quality…Tits! It’s about tits!

  5. …apparently, his appearance on “louie” did nothing …like the goggles.

  6. Cap'n Obvious

    Seriously, snark aside, this huge douche has got to be the least funny well-known comedian ever. He makes Carlos Mencia look like an original comedic genius. He is the living embodiment of the reciprocal of Mitch Hedberg.

    To this day I will still not associate with anyone who has ever stated that they found him funny. It’s an asshole litmus test for me.

  7. I wonder whose dry cleaning he “forgot” to deliver so he would have a suit to wear…

  8. Dane’s getting old.

  9. Short Round

    Finally, a role he can play authentically. Planes: Fire & Rescue. He sure crashed and burned enough.

  10. Bishop

    Look at that head! Dane’s looking like a rejected Funko Pop

  11. MIRV

    Nice-fitting pants, a-hole. Even at Dollar General the staffperson would be like “Eh, let’s try another size.” Grade-A douche.

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