1. yourmom

    God, transcontinental hooking is exhausting…

  2. dbag

    Not yet Lindsay, we’re still at the party. There will be plenty of time for that later.

  3. cc

    Her mouth is like the Venus flytrap for booze and dick.

  4. Cock Dr

    He worked her so hard her face stuck that way.
    Ha, who am I kidding, like Lindsay would ever do any actual work.

  5. Joe Blow

    “I had to open my mouth *this* wide to fit it in.

  6. She gives a new meaning to the phrase “cocked and loaded”.

  7. cajunhawk

    Yes…I will pay your rent…sploosh.

  8. Carlos

    You spelled “rehearsing and preparing for her upcoming London debut” wrong.

  9. Don Draper's Dad

    That’s the face of a man who thinks he’s gonna have a drink to get comfortable ahead of the contractually agreed upon coitus only to wake up in a motel bathroom in a tub full of ice.

  10. Banana Balls

    I told you your face would freeze lethal way…

  11. Banana Balls

    Seriously, auto-correct now? Thanks Apple

  12. Why is this idiot smiling? Sure $500 for a night with Lindsey sounds like a deal. But after she steals your coke and you spend thousands of dollars in medical treatment, it’s not such a good deal.

  13. “Can you believe this fucker payed in advance? Ha!”

  14. JimBB

    “Did you say your boyfriend’s name was John?”

    “No, I said he is *a* john.”

  15. maria

    Oh no, her mouth got stuck in the suck position again!

  16. Lindsey not so subtly hinting that the type of security measures she has on her secret list of men she’s done things with along with the rest of her stash.

  17. “Haha! Can you believe-a dees putana?”

  18. So a while back Lindsay made a list of all the guys she allegedly fucked and I believe it was around 36 or so. Now I’d like to see the list of all the guys she’s fellated.

  19. “Not yet. Wait until we go around the next corner.”

  20. Not in frame: Shocker

  21. Ah, the blissful smile of a man who just had a full body orgasm from one of Lindsay’s infamous blowjobs. It usually knocks out her Johns allowing her to empty their bank accounts. He’s a tough one.

  22. Bishop

    I could almost swear I hear the seal barking that is coming from her mouth.

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