1. Where's Dildo

    “I’d give my left eye for a set of gigantic tits and 15 minutes of fame.”

  2. dbag

    Not looking a day past 45 here.

  3. *horf*

    what a fucking dog.

  4. cajunhawk

    She is like an Italian sports car not named Ferrari…it’s fast as fuck but doesn’t handle good and looks tacky as fuck. Moral of the story…just buy a Ferrari.

  5. cc

    I have to say, I wonder what she’d look on those full body scans they use now.

  6. cuddles

    Please tell me someone convinced her to drink pee.

  7. Flatliner

    Boy, she has fallen a long way since the pumpkin patch…and she was gross back then.

  8. Bad Post. Wrong Preposition. AT = IS.

  9. I like her. I’d nail her plastic ass.

  10. Bishop

    Let’s see how long it takes her to realize I pissed in her cup.

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