1. Sisters With Big Ole Lady Parts

  2. cc

    The gun on the one in white is unbearable.

  3. Cletus

    Nice gunt.

  4. Stands for Spanx, Wires, and Vacu-suction

  5. Spandex by Walmart

    Workin’ hard to dispel those stereotypes…

  6. caley

    Sisters With Velveeta

  7. I smell a solo career on the one in the middle.

  8. beckystyles

    I guess we now know that “Weak” was about snacks and junk food.

  9. …they stayed at my friend’s hotel …they totally skipped out on their bill …true story.

  10. Really...?

    SWCT – Sisters Wiv Camel Toe

  11. From Tender Loving Care to Shit We Vvfat… Shouldn’t have chased those chocolate waterfalls.

  12. Bishop

    If Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes had lived, this is what TLC would look like today

  13. Far left looks like she’d be good at tennis
    -or football

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