1. dbag

    “And this is how I would have scissored with Drew had we been hooking up.”

  2. cajunhawk

    Still breaking character I see Jimmy.

  3. I imagine this is the ending of every 1st date she has ever had.

  4. Eejut

    Doesn’t look forced at all.

  5. AlaskaSnob

    I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

  6. Pimply Flatty

    “See? The floor IS flatter than I am!”

  7. “Ha, ha, HAAAAA! Look how funny I am, now that my looks have gone!”

  8. JimBB

    Hahaha, we both whacky and crazy and not at all aging and desperate!

  9. Anyone else think Appropriately Male First Named Diaz is about the ugliest movie star that’s supposedly good looking? Sooo unattractive…

  10. …cameron, just stop.
    …that ship sailed in 1994.
    …let it go.

  11. Cammi…GAME OVER.

  12. “Hey Cameron, Look at me! I’m Conan O’Brian!”

  13. I don’t understand why everyone keeps trying to convince me she is hot. It was true for like fifteen minutes in Mask, before she went on a coke diet.

  14. Michael Bishop Emery

    Yeah, she clearly gets great weed.

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