1. cc

    She’s a Mexican bandit here to steal your semen

  2. She shoots from the clit

  3. Cock Dr

    Hat & boots work for me.

  4. Quack quack … way overdone on the lip fillers.

  5. This is why we need more funding for education on the use of guns. The gun clearly belongs on the side and not blocking the good stuff.

  6. Strange my gun is in a similar place and is now sticking up just like the one she is holding, now the trick is to get her to hold my gun so I can fire off a couple rounds( or one and take a nap between those breasts)

  7. Flatliner

    Just another Terry Richardson supporter.

  8. Needs more lip filler, she’s still recognizable as human.

  9. Ghengis Khanstein

    Lindsay Lohan’s latest attempt at relevance?

  10. Loved this character from “Big Trouble In Little China”

  11. “Hey, look what I found!”

  12. Really...?

    I’m off to google to buy a lot of whatever the fuck that shit is. A lot of it.

  13. She is so fucking hot…I got to figure a way to trick her into getting me pregnant.

  14. And now we know why she had to wear panties in the “Blurred Lines” video.

  15. She’s so fucking beautiful. I’d empty every one of my chambers on her.

  16. Bishop

    Awesome! I hope this Emily Ratajkowski lamp is available on amazon!

  17. Blob

    It’s marked ‘Fra-gee-lay’. Means it’s from Italy.

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