1. I didn’t know he was on Jersey Shore.

  2. dbag

    Cool fanny pack, bro.

  3. Where's Dildo

    But when I tell ladies I’m a lesbian and love to eat at the Y, they scream and tell me to get out of the restroom. #WarOnMen

  4. You’s is fucking right I bangs a Snookis

  5. buzz

    He’s been on roids for a while decades.

    • cc

      Have to say, I find it difficult to believe he doesn’t abuse roids or something, especially lately…no one can look huge and defined all the time.

      • Marketing Mike

        I’ve heard he’s one of these rare guys, that can get cut without
        the needle. I’m also pretty sure he’s been off for about 10 years,
        except for “Pain and Gain” where he and Mark bulked up in
        about a month, in a way that clearly defies physics.

    • …it amuses me when know-nothings & haters wax poetic about “roids”…

      • The Rock may not be on steroids. Remember, he is part Samoan and Samoans tend to be large and muscular on the natch. Or maybe he is on them. I don’t know shit except that you DON’T FUCK WITH SAMOANS!

      • 2 parts Samoan, 1 part Hawaiian, 1 part African american …in other words; Jimmy The Greek’s wet dream.

      • Charmed

        Know-nothings waxing poetic? It’s 10:1 he isn’t currently on HGH or similar and 1000:1 that he hasn’t stuck himself in the last two decades.

  6. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Middle school photo, circa 1973.

  7. Is this one Kid or is it Play?

  8. RZ

    Gotta love 90s rock

  9. Not gonna judge – the 90′s was a bitch for everybody.

    • Short Round

      I liked the 90s because that was the last time I had hope, thought I had a good future and was somewhat happy and optimistic. Honestly, the last good year I had was 1999. Everything since has been complete shit.

  10. Internet Twitter Rant Infamy < Internet Sex Tape Infamy < This Pic

  11. I don’t remember the 90′s that well. Did this picture look as gay then as it does now? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  12. Pewpsock

    That. Girl. Is. Poooooooiiiiissssuuuuuuuuunnnn!!!!!

  13. alex

    Pre-eating disorder Rob Schneider in the house.

  14. Unzip my pack
    and close your eyes
    and you will get
    a big surprise.

  15. Beer for thought

    that is amazing

  16. …ah, good ol’ “rocky maivia” …the very last old-school babyface in wrestling …who got booed mercilessly and may have single-handedly inspired the “attitude” era, and paved the way for “stone cold” …i got nuthin’ but love for this cat. (and we were all corny in the 90′s, so i aint throwin’ no stones)

    • I think it was the MSG incident, the backstage tension between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart that led to the infamous Montreal Screw Job and the creation of De-generation X that gave birth to the Attitude era.

      One thing’s for sure, the Attitude Era was the best time in wrestling history.

      • …true, that incident was mainly known for the birth of the “mr. mcmahon” character, which was a very important baby step in the early days of the ‘attitude era’ …but when the WWF (#ForeverWWFToMe) saw how badly ‘rocky’ was being received (“die rocky die!”), they knew the tides were changing, and they completely turned away from the old, classic “babyface/heel” models, which opened the door for steve austin’s character (which he had been pitching for a while but could’nt get the green light), which was the real start of the ‘attitude era’ as we know it today …which, yes, was an AWESOME time to be a fan.

  17. This about sums up everything wrong with the 90′s in one photo.

  18. I remember when he first came on the scene as Rocky Maivia with this look. You could see he was crazy talented, but it wasn’t until he ditched this look and got cocky that he became The Rock we know and love today.

  19. LilDeuceDeuce

    Chain razor thin, light beer in my cup,
    And my sweater on turtle with the neck on puff

  20. The Andrew Dice Clay Biopic: These mom jeans got my balls in a bunch! Ho!! Starring The Rock. On Lifetime. No Promises.

  21. So The Situation’s botox kicked in?

  22. BB

    Can you smell what The Rock cooked with tender loving care before changing into appropriate dinner attire and making sure to properly accessorize both the necklike and waistline?

  23. Arlmlo Schlongfooster

    Never had a gay thought in my life until now

  24. Damn, I missed that After School Special.

  25. The Winchester

    I wanna be snarky and say something clever and biting, but there’s a part of me that’s afraid he’s gonna find out.

    And show up at my door to kick my ass.

    With Play beside him.

  26. yawn

    trying to look cool with a fanny pack is just… there are no words.

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